y’all wanna jump down Frankie’s throat for saying Zoe cares about what boys think but I haven’t seen ONE person saying SHIT about maya

what, she suddenly hates her again just because of what happened at the party??

MAYA. SWEETHEART. You can’t sit there and be pissed at her> for that, right after you just got done supporting her after she was sexually assaulted AT THE SAME PARTY.

That’s so hypocritical, like ???

Be pissed at Miles all you want! That’s good! He was an idiot and he fucked up and he almost took advantage of Zoe while she was wasted. But he didn’t. Luke an Neil did.

So how are you going to be pissed at HER, now, just because YOUR boyfriend could’ve been the one doing the assaulting? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever??

So y’all can shove the hate towards Frankie up your asses and focus on the wrong shit other characters are doing to Zoe

Anonymous asked: will you be giffing zoemund?

my computer is broken again and in the shop again until idk when but when i get it back 100% giffing zoemund on my zoemund blog sWAG

zig’s first line being “if you could save a life, would you?”

zig triggering someone’s suicide

zig talking someone out of killing themselves a year later

zig being told “you saved my life”

i’m cry

i love zoemund so much pls do not touch me

Anonymous asked: i agree with you and the last anon entirely! i love both zoe and frankie, and i interpreted frankie's male attention comment as more of a worrying-about-her-friend remark than anything else. she doesn't want zoe to act so boy crazy bc she doesn't like seeing her in these situations, from serious ones (rape) to less-serious ones (heartbreak). is this flawless/perfectly feminist? of course not. but she's, what, 14? i don't think i've ever met a 14-yr-old who had a perfect grasp on rape culture

(cont.) and slut-shaming. sorry for ranting in your ask, but i had to get this out somewhere alsdifjalskdfj”

i luv u tbh

Anonymous asked: Not everyone has to like Frankie. They have the right to express their opinion about her in her tag.

You can dislike Frankie all you want????? Just don’t spam up the fucking tag with useless text posts about it like that’s not why I go into the Frankie tag or why any other Frankie fans go into the Frankie tag d u h