Anonymous asked: I don't understand why trile stans get so offended when someone says they don't ship triles. They turn it into some homophobic issue when i have yet to see an anti trile shipper not ship triles because they're two dudes.

R I G H T ???????????? fuck

all i see is triles shippers bitching about negative posts being in the triles tag

but if they would open their eyes and pay fucking attention they would see that the shit is in the anti tag and they don’t know how to use the tumblr app

y’all are fucking ignorant smh i hope triles crashes and burns before the 2nd episode of season 14

Anonymous asked: lol you def posted that in the triles tag I saw it too.

try again you numskull.

oh look no posts

shydraield asked: I just wanted to state my opinion about triles and their whole development. Someone said they didn't have one, and you seemed to agree which is understandable. The problem with Degrassi now compared to before is that there are so many characters that not all of them get a story and you don't get to see everything, it's very unfortunate. Especially when all of the stories go mainly to one person (maya). Anyways if you do pay attention to the little things, miles and Tristan did develop a strong

this is embarrassing and you don’t even follow me to have seen that post unless you went to the anti triles tag and that makes this even more embarrassing tbh


Wow, I wasn’t turned on by the Triles kiss in the promo, OMG there’s obviously something wrong with me.

It’s not like I’m a legal adult or anything. Sorry I don’t have a fetish for teen relationships on shows and I’m not aroused by minors making out or having sex. But, obviously there’s something wrong with me because I’m not turned on by a ratchet pairing making out where another boy took his own life. So romantic, amirite?