this just in: it’s 2014 and the dtc is still full of morons

hey, macandcheens.. since you want to delete that post of yours:

That might be the case for some people, but many people are also so into it because of the way it developed. It doesn’t feel forced or awkward at all, like numerous other Degrassi pairings. Instead of just throwing them together, the writers chose to instead develop their friendship into something strong and believable, and made a virtually seamless transition into the beginning of a romance that just makes sense. So I recommend you don’t label triles supporters as mindless horny fangirls; it’s actually irritating, and quite honestly patronizing. On another note: what viable reason did you have for posting this in the triles tag? And I mean a reason other than that “cuz I can” bullshit.

1. there wasn’t any romantic development it was literally all one sided the entire time until the finale.
2. i didn’t label triles supporters as “mindless horny fangirls” so let’s stop putting words into my mouth, yeah?
3. i didn’t even post this in the triles tag, i posted it in the anti triles tag. try again, fool.

i feel like people are only spazzing out so much about triles because it’s a male x male couple and we haven’t had one of those in awhile

i honestly just don’t feel like triles is genuine, at least from miles point of view. i feel like miles is using him, whether it be to piss his dad off (wouldn’t be the first time he’s done something to try to “ruin” daddy hollingsworth “perfect” family image) or just because he wants someone to fool around with. idk.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Jenna was one of the most selfless mothers on the show. She gave up her education, friends, and being a teenager to raise Tyson mostly by herself for months. K.C. was always gone at school, work, or off cheating with Marisol. She had the one accident with Tyson, where she literally turned away for five seconds to do something for herself for once, so I don’t even really blame her for that. It’s not like K.C. was there to help her out or watch Tyson. Jenna did the most selfless thing of all by deciding to give up Tyson because she knew she and K.C. couldn’t provide the stable home environment that he needed. Jenna was the one to decide on adoption, K.C. just agreed for it. She was not a bad parent.

Clare, however, who knows. I can’t really see her parenting.

clare is going to be a shitty mom because she doesn’t care about anyone else except herself lmfao

people saying drew lost his virginity to zoe i’m… what??????? lmao

he was going to get married to bianca and y’all REALLY think just because he couldn’t get a boner ONE time and because they never talked about drianca sex, that it never happened ????