the more i think about winkie the more i start having doubts because i feel like it’ll either be really great or it’ll be really bad

and i feel like why it would be bad is because frankie and winston both seem to be inexperienced when it comes to the opposite sex - the pool kiss was probably both of their first kisses, which is like super cute.

but it could end up where only one of them is totally into it and the other totally regrets it.. and at this point it could be either one of them in either position. frankie’s young, winston is older and her brother’s best friend.. sort of like an “off limits” kind of thing that she’s into. and then winston would be against it because it’s miles little sister.

or winston is super into it because it’s the first girl to ever show some type of interest in him and frankie doesn’t want to go there because of miles.

idk it’s confusing but i want it to be good because they’re both dumb and innocent and sigh it’d be cute

if y’all don’t stop calling frankie/winston “wankie” i swear

Miles can never know about this.