Anonymous asked: IDK if you would like the idea, but going off the anon's manip question, would you be willing to do Cam/Tori or Cam/ Frankie?

"willing to do cam/frankie" bruh !!!!!!!!!!1 i created the crankie ship

but yeah i’ve already made manips of both of those crackships but i can make more when i get my new computer

Anonymous asked: Can you make manips?

can i? yes. (well, not right not seeing as i have no computer with photoshop until either tomorrow or tuesday)

so i believe the question you should be asking is will i and to that i say: it depends. i have to be into it. if i have no desire for it, i probably won’t.

Anonymous asked: When do we find out if there is a season 15?

bruh they ain’t even finished filming season 14

Anonymous asked: So do you think (or is) Zoe actually dyslexic or did her mom make that up because I literally have no idea, they never mentioned it again

i 100% doubt she’s dyslexic. we would have seen her struggling with memorizing lines or with that english club with yates or something. i just think it was a bad lie her mom told (bc really how much would dyslexia affect her mean girl attitude lol)

Anonymous asked: hey there! just wondering if you had a tag with all of your sarah waisglass gifs? :D

uuuum i have a tag for sara which is just sara waisglass but i’m pretty sure it’s all gifs bc i rarely ever do photo edits

ps. have fun looking thru it she’s so adorable omfg